Creating a Collaborative Space to Meet 21st Century Needs, Kaye McKinney
  • Overall implications of the ARP, are that students will benefit from the creation of the Learning Commons and green screen broadcast studio. Student ownership of the project developed throughout the process and circulation of library materials have increased.
  • If I did a similar project again, I would continue my efforts to seek grant funding to further expand the project. Although a grant application was submitted, funding was not approved. Having the security of these funds would have eased the financial needs of implementing this project.
  • Implications of the study for students and teachers are improved library services and use. The Learning Commons provides a leisure seating area where students can work independently or in small groups. The green screen broadcast studio provides an area for students to further their skills in creating movies for technology based projects. The adjustments in material shelving have improved access and potential use of library materials.
  • Evaluation of circulation statistics and library use should continue to consider the long-term impact of the project. Although a small increase has already been identified, sufficient evidence to determine continued growth is not yet available.
  • Conducting this ARP, has provided me the opportunity to further develop my research skills and to grow as a professional. The work has been very rewarding and I have throughly enjoyed my time as a GTN participant. Although this has been one of the busiest years of my media center career, it has also been my best. As an advocate for your program, it is essential to remember that even a small change can have a significant impact. Finally, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Governor's Teachers Network and have found it to be just the motivation I needed to begin this project.